Michelle Williams response for not being featured in Beyonce’s Black in King album

Michelle Williams

Okay so Michelle Williams gave the perfect response after a fan asked asked why she was featured on Beyonce’s “Black is King” album.

The former Destiny’s Child bandmate shared clips from the album on her Instagram and captioned;”When you’re trying to figure out what your favs are from #BlackIsKing! Ehhhhhhh just post ‘em all!!”

The fan asked ; “Where you at in the film tho??” and Michelle replied;”I’m in the upper right corner minding my business!”

She has since disabled comments for the post. I’m sure there is a reason why she wasn’t in this documentary -afterall,she performed alongside Beyonce in coachella 2018 and last year on Beyonce’s Netflix concert documentary “Homecoming”.

People just love to start something …

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