Why Being an employee suck

Why being an employee suck2

Being an employee for the first time can be really exciting but with time, it’s just not as fun as you hoped it would be.

Growing up, I always admired grownups going to work looking corporate, holding their briefcases and hoped that would be me someday. Then I became an employee, worked for several private companies and realized that it really sucks!

So before you think of working for someone, just know that;

  • You have to be at work come rain come shine
  • You have to work with annoying people
  • You never really enjoy your money
  • You barely have time

You have to be at work come rain come shine

Yeah, it’s raining cats and dogs in Nigeria this period and I’m in the busiest city (well after New York) in the world – Lagos.

You would think like New York, we have good roads everywhere but no! We don’t. I had to go out in the rain cause guess what? I have no excuse. I signed a letter agreeing to my work hours and I just have to meet up, whether it’s raining or not.

I really don’t like when it rains in Lagos; the roads are bad, refuse dump almost everywhere… it’s disgusting most of the time.

If I had my own business, I won’t have to leave so early, wear a rain coat, carry an umbrella and still get soaked and irritated. Only to get to work and my colleagues are mumbling about the time I arrive to my superior.

You have to work with annoying people

Yeah; there are some people that normally you have no business with, if not for the job. But then, because you are not the owner of the company, you have to work with anyone the company team you up with.

You have the type that is so lazy; they remain in the company by reporting others while you have the ones that see you as a competition even though your departments are totally different.

And you have the ones that don’t just like you, cause you are focused and hardworking or the type that wants you to cover for them but they never cover for you.

Working with this folks can be very daunting but you just have to be smart and observant – you know until your hustle starts paying off and you leave.

You never really enjoy your money

unless you are working for a multinational company or a really good company that pays well, working for someone doesn’t always mean you would be paid what you are worth.

At the end of the day, the money is going to utility bills; your children school fees, transport, feeding, bills bills bills…. That you barely use it to really take care of yourself – I’m talking about pampering yourself.

Using your money for what you enjoy doing – it could be traveling, it could be getting a full spa treatment, it could be getting a remote toy helicopter (and having the time to play with it), it could be skiing, any hobby basically.

You barely have time

if no one gets this; I am living proof that this is the worse. Imaging working 8 to 5, Monday to Saturday (half day but it’s still six days a week) and having to do what I do -blogging.

If you notice on this blog, I’ve not been consistent since I started it but this lockdown taught me something – that there would never be a perfect time to do what you need to do.

Some banks laid some people off cause they could not continue to pay them. Being an employee means you can be disposed at anytime. There is always something – economic situation, company retrenchment etc…

If you are the type that works 8 to 5, when you get home, work on your hustle (as I do), if you do night shift (7pm – 7am), sleep for six hours during the day and continue your hustle. If it’s Monday to Friday, you know your weekends is for your hustle.


Being an employee has its perks (maybe) but the disadvantage is way more. Not saying you should leave your job right now (hell I’m still someone’s employee) or not aspire to get a good job but you need to have a side hustle.

Ensure that you are doing this side hustle at your free time. Remember, no breaks until you achieve your goal – well except you experience depression or are really sick and need to take care of yourself.

I’m sure we all have reasons why we are someone’s employee but just remember; these companies are looking for new people every day. You have to have a plan B, something to fall back on. So when things go sideways, you can still survive.

Nothing is easy, even starting a business (or side hustle) is not easy. You have to put in the work and be patient before you start seeing results. The more reason why you should have a side hustle alongside your job.

What do you guys think? Does being an employee suck? Do share in the comment section.

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