Taylor Swift release surprise ‘Folklore’ album

Taylor Swift

Singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift released a surprise 16-track ‘Folklore’ album with bonus track “The lakes” and have received great reviews.

Some say she went from country to pop now alternative (which is my favourite music genre) ,so it’s not surprising that I love this album. I wasn’t a Pop-Taylor fan but with this album – is what I’ve really missed about Taylor and I’m glad the pandemic brought that out of her.

Taylor shared the news and captioned; ‘Most of the things I had planned this summer didn’t end up happening, but there is something I hadn’t planned on that DID happen. And that thing is my 8th studio album, folklore…

‘Surprise Tonight at midnight I’ll be releasing my entire brand new album of songs I’ve poured all of my whims, dreams, fears, and musings into.’

She also released a video for the track ” Cardigan”. My favorite from the album are “The 1″,”The Last Great American Dynasty” ,”Exile” (featuring Bon Iver),
“Seven”,”Epiphany” and “Peace”

This is Taylor Swift’s eight album. I still need to listen to the full length of each track but those are my favourite so far. Kudos Taylor and welcome back.

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