A healthcare worker charged for raping a 73-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s

What is the world turning into? A healthcare worker ,Emmanuel Adeniji who works in an Irish nursing home was charged for raping a 73-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s.

He has been given an 11-year sentence. According to reports, The 52-year-old worked in healthcare for 15 years before the attack and he had no previous convictions.
The victim’s daughter told the Central Criminal Court that her family have been unable to hug her mother to comfort her since the attack.

“We always said we will dread the day she loses her memory, but now one day we hope she wakes up and doesn’t remember,” she added.

The judge said the effect of the rape on the victim had been “devastating” with the woman experiencing feelings of “depression, suicidal thoughts, nightmares and a lack of safety”.

Describing the rape as “an egregious breach of trust by a qualified and experienced healthcare worker”.

He imposed an 11-year prison sentence on Adeniji, with the final year suspended. – culled from BBC news

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