Why dating a co-worker is a bad idea

Why dating a co-worker is a bad idea

Dating a co-worker might seem harmless at first but it’s actually a bad idea.  Especially when the person is really hot and it’s hard to resist (uh, you just have to look away); I’m sure there is someone hotter outside your place of work.

I briefly dated someone outside my company but in the same environment –you know, like the airport where you have different airline but these companies are all in the same environment.

It was fun at first and boy was he a good kisser…but after a while it wasn’t fun anymore and we separated but I kept seeing him around. You know the bad part about it is when people around your office know you are dating this person and when you separate they keep asking you about them –yeah, that’s just annoying.

Check out reasons why dating a co-worker is a bad idea;

  • It is distracting

Okay before I decided to give the guy I was his superior at work a chance, I was attracted to him but told myself I wouldn’t let it get far. Well, until he made a move (though I didn’t accept until I left that location), he was really persuasive…

After I accepted and things didn’t work out ,because I know that he has friends were I presently work, I always had this fear that he could talk and it was distracting my work for some time; thank goodness I’m over it.

So imagine if you guys get to be in the same company and location; whenever you see him, you lose focus (though not everyone may experience this) or if you are the jealous type and you see him/her flirting with a colleague – that would be the talk of the night when you get home; in other words drama (like the stress from work is not enough)…

Why dating a co-worker is a bad idea

  • Too much familiarity

Dating a co-worker causes too much familiarity – I see enough of my co-workers Mondays to Saturdays, I don’t have to see them or hear from them when on my off days.

If you guys are dating, you will always see each other, if like in my case is your subordinate, he’ll definitely brag about it to his colleagues. Even if his colleagues don’t directly make you feel like they know, they’ll make side comments about you. If he or she is the type that loves to share every little detail of the relationship, then well you are screwed.

  • You can’t be yourself

You might be yourself at home but definitely not in the office. When I mean yourself, I mean doing your job the best way you have been doing it. Due to this distractions, you always be wondering what they are saying behind your back.

If he (I think this mostly happens if you are the lady –given how emotional we can be) is around your office, you act clumsy, probably make mistake with your data entry, sending a mail or talking to a client.

  • Everyone else think they can date you now

Like I said above, if he is the type that talks too much, his colleagues will know and if things don’t work out for you guys or the relationship ends, the other guys at work would think they have a shot.

When you guys breakup, every Tom, Dick and Harry at your work place think they can have you now.

If you have ever dated a co-worker before, don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us; especially when you are lonely, they look so good or our biological clock is ticking (You know it, ladies!)

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it works; like people in the same company actually get married. It works sometimes, you just have to get to know who you are dealing with – how mature is that person and what are their intentions.

If that person is just coming for fun, don’t even bother starting that relationship. People I know that got married from the same company, one person had to leave the company (or that branch) to keep the relationship -not just because of the reasons listed above but because most companies frown at that.

So if you love your job so much and dating a co-worker can actually ruin that, then there is no point doing it; there will always be someone hotter, funnier, smarter, loving, caring…everything that makes you attracted to this co-worker.  Do yourself a favor and look away.

Sometimes we date our colleagues/co-workers because we don’t have an active social life –don’t let your life revolve around work and home alone… Go out on a weekend; attend parties, events, meet people, hell! Go on a dating app. Just do what you can not to give in to the temptation in the office.

Imagine hooking up with a stranger and not having to see them again or hooking up with a co-worker/colleague? Which is better?

What do you guys think? Have you dated a co-worker /colleague before? Why did you do it and how was the experience? Are you fancying one in your office? What are you doing about it?

Love to hear from you

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