Rita Ora announce her grandmother has passed

Rita Ora and grandma

Rita Ora took to her instagram to announce the death of her grandmonther, Fatmush Bajraktari. She wrote;

‘Dear Nani, you were the most glamorous, chic, hardworking, independent person I ever met, every day she would go for walks go and get her coffee with no help from anyone she didn’t want it.

‘She was so caring so strong and sooooo funny! My god did we laugh and when she would tell the truth she had no filter!

‘But she loved and cared with all her heart. I’m going to miss you everyday.

‘Rest in peace next to grandad and I know you will be protecting us. Try not to party to much up there I’ll get fomo [fear of missing out]! I love you nan. Xx’ (sic).

Rita Ora

Sorry for your loss Rita.

Love to hear from you

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