Nicki Minaj discuss married life with Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty

Rapper,Nicki Minaj discussed with fellow rapper,Lil Wayne about being married to Kenneth “Zoo” Petty on his Young Money Radio show on Apple Music series yesterday. She said;

“Good, good, good.” after Wayne asked how it was going.

She continued:“I didn’t think it would be as refreshing and calming as it is,” “Even if you’re not married,

“When you have someone that feels like your soulmate or someone who understands you, it just makes you feel like you’re on top of the world,”

Nicky tied the knot with Petty in October last year. And it seems the 37-year-old is expecting her first child as a follower asked “Are you also throwing up in morning and having to go to the bathroom a lot?”

“Lmao,” Minaj responded. “No throwing up. But nausea and peeing non stop. Omg what do u think this means guys???? Lmaooooooooooo.”


Well,congratulation in advance. She seem happy though.

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