Dylan Minnette reveals his best scene on 13 reasons why

Dylan Minnette

13 reasons why actor, Dylan Ninnette revealed his best scene on the season four of the show. He told EW:

“The college essay scene gets me the most when I watch it, without fail, and I think the reason is because all Clay ever wanted to be, throughout the entire course of the series, was somebody’s positive influence, in particularly Hannah’s,” “He’s had to deal with the guilt and grief of never being able to be that for her, and it’s all he ever wanted. He always has wanted to be a hero and always wanted to save someone and to be the positive influence in their life, and he has failed spectacularly many times.”

“He’s also succeeded sometimes, but never in the way he wants, and it’s sort of been the downfall of him. But in the end, hearing from Justin, the person he loves most, that he was his brother and his positive influence, I think that’s why watching it I’m so happy with the decision and it gets me every time. I’m really proud of the ending for that reason because I feel like there’s a lot of perfect full-circle moments,” he added.

That was a really heartwarming scene, I cried as he read the college essay from Justin. I wish the show didn’t end but it was a perfect ending and the reason for ending is understandable.

According to the shows creator, the reason for ending it in season four is because high school is just four years hence for seasons.

Though I wouldn’t mind if the creator starts something else with some of their lives (the casts – like Clay, Alex,Tony and Jessica) in college – that’s would be great. I just miss them so much already.

*Sigh* I guess all good things come to an end.

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