Trolls accuse Hilary Duff of child trafficking

Hilary Duff

Wow,social media is indeed a scary place. Lizzie McGuire star,Hilary Duff was accused of child trafficking after sharing a photo of the naked 8-year-old “white markings all over his body.” on her instagram page ( which have been deleted).

The now-deleted thread allegedly read, “Hilary Duff accused of child trafficking, with her own son, a thread…”

Some people wrote; “Wait a min… hold on. Hilary Duff has been exposed as a trafficker??? A TRAFFICKER? TO HER OWN CHILD?” one posted.

A troll said;”This lady is so disgusting. Child trafficking?! YOUR KID?!? She needs to go to jail FOREVER!!!”

Another said; “It’s crazy how Hilary Duff was suing photographers back in Feb for taking pics of her kids….now I see why.”

This is really disturbing for Hilary and can’t imagine what she’ll be going through. Hilary is a mum-of-two;Luca Cruz Comrie, 8 with ex,Mike Comrie and daughter, Banks Violet Bair.

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