Lena Dunham discuss that awkward kiss with Brad Pitt

Lena Dunham

Last year, Lena Dunham broke the internet with that awkward kiss with Brad Pitt. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the actress told Andy Cohen;”He’s a truly kind person who can read the room. And I was super nervous because I was around so many idols of mine and he made me feel pretty cool.”

“I don’t know if you remember there was a sort of awkward photo taken of the two of us,” the actress noted. “Well, the way the internet read it was I had somehow physically accosted him causing him a great deal of stress…I would never force a kiss on Brad Pitt.”

She added, “I respect him far too much as an artist and a friend. Later that night because he knew I felt nervous, he took me into a room and we secretly ate pizza and I told him I like his ring and he gave it to me.”

Dunham concluded, “And I wear it and every time I wear it, something amazing happens.”

Some photos can really pass the wrong message.

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