My bad habit and how I plan to change them

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We all have bad habits; like what we do often and know it’s wrong or not right for us. Some habits could be influenced by physical, psychological or financial reasons.

Being overweight can lead to feeling lazy and not wanting to get out of bed or wake up early to do some form of exercise. You know, like they say; “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. You know you want to lose weight, you know you are not living healthy but you have not just gotten the strength to exercise.

The psychological or mental aspect is when you are going through a tragedy in your life, losing a love one through death or in terms of dating and you just don’t feel like getting out of bed, you take alcohol or anything to numb the pain but you know that is wrong for you.

The financial aspect, using a healthy lifestyle as an example could be; not having a lot of money to eat clean. I’m not going lie to you, eating healthy is quite expensive and let’s be honest it’s not always satisfying – you don’t get filled up, you still feel kind of hungry. So sometimes it leads to making bad choices like wanting to buy a burger instead of almond nuts…

So here are some of my bad habits that I would love to stop doing them and just be better.

Not exercising

Yeah, since this year I’ve been finding it difficult exercising. The thing is; I work eight to five (an hour break which I hardly acknowledge) and where I work is very far from where I stay; I have to get up very early and sometimes get home really late. It’s not like I don’t love to exercise, it’s just that I barely have time for it.

And this is a bad habit because exercising is good for the body and mind – I feel really good whenever I work up a sweat. So it’s good for me and not-exercising is bad for me. I just have to incorporate it somehow by taking more walks and the stairs whenever I don’t do any exercise before I leave for work.

Eating junk food

Oh this one is my major, like I eat and drink a lot of junk and it not telling well on my body. Like I went two weeks straight taking mostly sodas at night and boy! Did that do a whole lot to my body? I ate baked stuff a lot, sweets and beverages… I gained a lot of weight; I had continuous heart burn and acne.  This is where the financial aspect comes in. Most times I feel like eating just fruits and vegetables, drinking smoothie or eating nuts but don’t have the money to keep up.

So the best way I can change this habit regardless of not having enough money, is to cook my meals instead of eating out a lot, drink more water instead of sodas and try to have blended fruits at least every week (not every day so I don’t go broke).


According to Google, procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. Yeah, I do this a lot. And you won’t believe I have been planning this article since last week ( I am afraid to write last week cause I have a feeling I might not finish this article today) – I got the topic, list of things I’m going to write on the topic but got distracted with work, friends and dating; yeah I’m seeing someone but I don’t know how that would end It’s not looking good guys…

Procrastination is the thief of time. And I don’t want to lose any more time. Procrastination have made me depressed, it has made me not get to where I need to be. So I’m starting to make plans for my writing by scheduling dates and keeping to them. And like the Nike’s motto “Just do it” – I’m going to do it whether it makes sense or not, I’ll just do it!

Starting something and sometimes not finishing it

Ugh, this is something I really need to stop. Just like procrastination this is actually what leads to procrastination, or the result of procrastination. Like starting this article and not finishing it – it’s really a bad habit; just imagine having a great idea and delaying to put it out and someone else beats you to it. Imagine the agony, you become so depressed and disappointed in yourself and it’s not good for your sanity.

Most times my problem is time and I get distracted easily. So what I need to do is to create time i.e. one that is not around my time of work or when I know I would be really busy and make that time for writing my blog articles and sticking to it whether I have anything to write or not. If it’s exercising, fixing a time that I know I won’t be distracted and fixing an achievable time for it so I don’t get burnt out.

Spitting in a tissue because I’m too tired to get up

I know! This is so gross right? I do this a lot and I know I’m not alone, lol. You know sometimes, you need to clear your throat but where you are you can’t just leave that place or you in a deep sleep but you just have to cough that phlegm out. Well, I always have a tissue beside me, so occasionally I spit in them but don’t dispose them immediately until I’m ready to get up.

It’s not a good habit and I’m going to stop by just getting my ass off the bed to dispose them. Especially with this corona pandemic, yeah it’s a serious issue and needs to be taken seriously. Besides it’s a way to exercise –moving my body from one place to another.

Holding my pee

Ah yes, this I do often especially where I find myself at the moment. If I’m in a public place and the restroom is not convenient, I hold my pee till I see a good place or I’m really sleepy and too tired to get up from bed ,so I hold it for an hour . This is really bad because it could lead to a lot of health issues like weakening of the bladder muscle – not being able to fully empty your bladder, urinary tract infections due to bacteria build-up…

To avoid all these I have to start peeing when I need to pee, especially the one that is under my control like getting out of bed to pee.

Being lazy

You know all these bad habits form as a result of just being lazy. I need to stop being lazy and just keep doing something. It’s easier said than done but trust me laziness has done nothing for me; only whining, anxiety, depression and failures… Who needs that?

I know it’s going to be very challenging at first but hey! I want my life to get better in every way so it’s worth the risk. Everything in life is baby steps and though the result might not be so big but I’m on my way there. Stopping bad habits is not a one-time thing, it’s a process and it’s continuous…It’s like a marathon not a sprint.

These are my bad habits; I’m working on them and hopefully will achieve great result. What are your habits and how are you changing them?

Love to hear from you

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