Bella Thorne is worried for her mom,amidst coronavirus

Bella Thorne

Actress,Bella Thorne made an appearance on Extra where she talked about coronavirus and how she is worried for her mom because she has Chron’s disease. She said; “Listen to the precautions, try and stay very healthy,” “I’m really worried, personally, about my mom because she has Chron’s disease.” “stay away.”

“I’m definitely worried for the state we are in and how long it will last and how many people are suffering from it,” said the actress, adding: “My boyfriend lives in Italy, so we talk about it all day.”

“I think that now is the time… to really just concentrate on, one, how we can help and, two, how we can help ourselves in this time of no work, no this, no that,” she advised. “I know it’s going to sound cheesy: Listen to your heart, listen to your brain, and study yourself, think about what can you do be better and what you can do to be happier.”

She also discussed her appearance on the Masked singer and how liberating it was,revealing she is working on an album;

“It was definitely one-of-a-kind,” she said of her experience of the show. “It’s not every day that you get to dress up as a huge swan and sing to a live audience.””The mask does help, being able to sing and have a mask on so you’re not as worried about people’s faces looking at your face and the weird faces you’re making while you’re singing, so that’s helpful,”

She added: “But then, knowing the mask is going to come off and then they see who you are, that’s still very nerve-racking.”

“All my music is not autotuned and I wanted people to really hear me sing and rap,” she said. “‘The Masked Singer’ was a way to prove to people I could sing live, and my live voice sounds exactly like it does on my album.”

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