Kate Henshaw fumes over mothers bleaching their babies skin

Kate Henshaw is pissed and frankly so am I.  This skin bleaching thing have been taken to another level as women get their bodies steamed and scraped in a bathtub; literally steaming bath.

The nollywood actress took to her Instagram to talk about the madness. She wrote; “You do not bleach babies! There is nothing to glow in their bodies! You can boil any adult who submit themselves to you but, for goodness sake, leave babies out of this madness. This is where I draw the line!” she wrote.

“Selling all sorts of unverified products to mothers telling them to glow their babies with a flawless shower bath! What is this self-loathing that you want to transfer to children? For 20k or 30k you want to destroy a future for aesthetic value?”

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