Candice Patton dragged for having an affair with JR Smith

Candice Patton


The Flash actress,Candice Patton have been dragged with having an affair with NBA star,JR Smith who is married with four kids. Smith’s wife shared in a video on Instagram saying;

“It’s a battle, it’s an obstacle,” Harris says. “It hurts, it’s unfortunate, but that’s what it is.”

“We are all hurting. Everybody is hurting. Not just me, but my husband, he’s hurting. And Candice, Lord father God. She’s hurting. I pray lord father god for Candice that you please just mend her heart. For her to go out here and sneak a married man. I pray you give her grace and mercy.”

Wow,and i really loved her in The Flash; she seem so classy and elegant. Oh well…

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