Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley set to launch a bourbon company

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

It’s not very often you see TV co-stars remain friends or have a business together. Well, not the Salvatore brothers!  Ian Somerhalder who played Damon Salvatore in the hit TV show, Vampire Diaries just revealed that Paul Wesley who played his brother, Stefan Salvatore will have their own bourbon company. He wrote on his Instagram;

“Can you imagine if the Salvatore brothers had their OWN bourbon? Well, it’s coming!” wrote Somerhalder under his post.

“Paul Wesley and I have been working our asses off with our incredible team to make this happen. With passion, hard work and an uncompromising quest/thirst for quality, we have arrived! We want to share with you something very special and dear to us.

Ian Somerhalder

“You’ve given us so many wonderful years as these characters and we want to bring you something to enjoy that brings back some great memories and some good times to come!”

The CW network didn’t just provide great shows, they created great friendships amongst these characters….its amazing!

Wow, I guess his love for bourbon was not an act.  We can’t wait to have a taste of that bourbon.

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