Check out this 19 year-old Fela-inspired painting

Emediong Uduak Ikoko

Emediong Uduak Ikoko,a 19 year-old artis who is inspired by African music ,unveiled one of her artwork titled ‘Bush Babies/Shuffering and Smiling’ in Abuja on Saturday. The title was inspired by the late Afro-Legend,Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and according to the Ikwa-Ibom beauty; “It represents the resilience of Nigerians. Despite the suffering, Nigerians find joy in music and arts. This painting to Nigerians and our strength as a people.” -She said

She also discussed more on encouraging fellow creatives; “I feel that the government should pay more attention to the Nigerian creative space because there is so much talent that is hidden in this country.

Emediong Uduak Ikoko 2

“The government and other stakeholders should actually pay more attention to the Nigerian creative scene. That push is all the scene needs.

“Creatives should connect. You don’t know who you meet. You don’t know what you create with the people you meet. Everyone has where they are going to and coming from.

“I feel that most creatives should learn how to create networks. They should reach out for opportunities as opportunities won’t come to meet you. You have to reach out to them,” she said.


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