Queen Nwokoma’s Marriage ends after two years

Queen Nwokoma's Marriage ends after two years

Nollywood actress,Queen Nwokoma and husband ,Prince Kalade Allison split after two years of marriage. According to the Rivers state born Politician “Peace is Priceless” -which seem to be the theme of their split. He wrote;

“There is always an end to everything, and this is the end for us. It’s best we go our separate ways and please no bashing for the sake of our innocent son. I believe this is the best decision, peace is priceless and no man wants to die before his time. I am by this notice formally letting the general public know that Queen Wokama is no longer my wife pending our final annulment (divorce). I wish her and whoever she intends to spend the rest of her life with the best in the future. #PeaceIsPriceless,”

Queen Nwokoma's Marriage ends after two years

The couple have a son and would l like the general public to respec their decision. Queen on the other hand is yet to comment on this.

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