Tyra Banks pose for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 22-years after her first cover

Tyra Banks is still very much the Cover girl as she proved that on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine,22 years after she made history as the first black model to land the honor of posing on the front of the sexy publication.

The 45-year-old said during an appearance on GMA, where the cover was revealed;’My first [cover] was 22 years ago, how crazy is that?’ where the covers were revealed. ‘I’m like damn — I’m 45 dog!

‘We couldn’t find the exact one in the archives,’ she said of the bathing suit that she wore on her original cover. ‘It was the polka dot bikini so we recreated that bikini. I recreated [the shoot] – 25 pounds heavier.’

She is 45,25 pounds heavier in a skimpier bikini and never looked better. Good one ,Tyra!

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