Yvonne Nelson reacts to Efia Odo’s Religious view

Ghanian Actress Efia Odo took to twitter questioning why God should test us making an emphasy on Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. She wrote;

“If God didn’t want us to eat the apple from that tree, then why did He put the tree there in the first place?

Pastor -to test my faith.

So would u put fire by an innocent child and tell them not to touch it, stand afar and say you’re testing their faith?”,

And “Sin City” producer ,Yvonne Nelson replied;
“His ways arent our ways. We will never understand HIM, He made us and gave us a simple command, but we failed Him. We are only human. He understands..He loves us daily still. In all our sins and dirt! Chaa, Hes real ooo. Its all real. Ive felt Him so i know!”, she wrote.

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