Toyin Lawani explains why she does not associate with losers

Celebrity Stylist Toyin Lawani replies Bobrisky’s comment after he said she should not spend the little money she has on her birthday. Toyin recently marked her birthday and it was attending by celeb friends,she shared some photos on her social media and cross dresser Bobrisky trolled her. She shared this lengthy post below;

“I Don’t Associate with losers, Reason why is this, U can be poor still be a winner, like Bolanle the pepper girl, she’s not rich but she’s got various skills at creating so she’s a winner, like My physically challenged Girls Gladys/mercy line who can’t speak nor hear& I trained them to be baddass tailor/hair Stylist, they create cloths for wizkid, tiwa etc., they are winners.”They just needs capital to Blow bigger ,if you don’t have any skills you are a loser, losers have nothing to offer ,losers need winners to Shine& losers focus on winners who don’t even see them or think of them, losers need to lie to make themselves feel good or For people to think they are on A High horse.

“Their Talent is to lie to belong, while winners can successfully showcase their various talents to the world daily without watering down anyone’s brand, winners concentrate on their bread family, empowers uplifts others/promote others business with or without pay, cause winners loves to help.
Most times they put themselves in compromising situations which cost them later. “Be careful of the People you let Around U, cause if you Roll with Dogs…& if you fight with pigs you will get Dirty, when you chase people Away for A Reason, the Reason Always still comes Back showcasing itself, when the old comes calling again know it doesn’t have anything new to offer.

“Atimes God doesn’t let some people go with you to your Destined location for a good Reason so he lets you leave them behind, Thinking they know the old you, when God has made a new you, If we don’t have obstacles in life how will we know this world is a Dangerous one, even with the ones we have loved or helped. “Basically Love yourself, trust yourself keep working hard ,When you work so hard you are successful, God will Give your Enemies sleeplessness nights& he will make them wonder how you do it, Empty Barrels makes the loudest noise , Focus on your Goals not the noise ,losers with no Raw Talent will Always want to trend on your Trend or Use you to shine ,When you are not on the same level with people never bring yourself down to their level, ever protect your home and protect your heart. May God bless us all.

You know as i look at their side-by-side photo,i just realized Bobrisky is trying to look like Toyin,lol.

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