Meet First Nigerian to walk on Louis Vuitton runway

16-year-old Janet Jumbo from Rivers State reveals she is the first Nigerian to walk for Louis Vuitton runway show.  She shared photos on her Instagram from the show held in Paris for PFW and wrote :” LOUIS VUITTON EXCLUSIVE Can’t believe I’m the first Nigerian model to walk for (@louisvuitton) I’m so grateful to everyonethat made this happened (@raw_models) (@ashleybrokaw) (@nicolasghesquiere) (@imgmodels) I’m the happiest girl on the planet right now #rawmodelsnigeria#imgmodels#francinamodels”

Hmm, the first ever? That’s a big deal girl…  Congratulations.
Jumbo was born and bred in Lagos and discovered by a man called
Mr Raphel, while she was returning from church. She is currently signed to Raw Model Management Nigeria, an agency with several models across the world.

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