Ryan Adams Apologize to Mandy Moore for his “Doomed” marriage comment

Ryan Adams Apologize to Mandy Moore for his "Doomed" marriage comment

Following Mandy Moore’s interview with Glamour Magazine were she talked about her failed marriage with ex, Ryan Adams; “I don’t feel guilty for [the divorce]. I don’t fault myself for it. When people said, ‘I’m sorry,’ I was, like, ‘No. Sorry would have been had I stayed in a very unhealthy situation.’ I didn’t. I found my way out. And when I did, things opened back up again.”

The singer took to his twitter to clap back;“She didn’t like the Melvins or BladeRunner,” t “Doomed from the start. If only I could remember the start lol.”

He even replied a fan after they said 75 percent of his songs were about the This is Us star; “There’s not actually a single song about her. Like not one. Fact.” – which he later deleted.

Now he apologized for his comment; I apologize for my remarks. I was trying to be funny. But I have and will always choose to remember the amazing moments.
It isn’t classy or ok lessen what was. I am happy for everyone and doing my best.
Thank you for taking the high road, Perez. Wishing you & your fam well. https://t.co/ysoV0Jp7Dh
— Ryan Adams (@TheRyanAdams)

I think it’s actually good that he apologized, his comment was rather childish.

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