Kylie Jenner reveals she changed her daughter’s name at the last minute

Kylie Jenner reveals she changed her daughter's name at the last minute

Kylie Jenner spoke to makeup artist James Charles on how she changed her daughter’s name from Stormie to Stormi at the very last minute. She said it was like the tot chose her name;“Storm was on there — just Storm. And then I was like, I kinda want ‘-ie’ like me, so then I did Stormie with ‘-ie’.”
“It was always Stormie with an ‘-ie’. I bought custom things for her that said her name, ‘-ie’. I bought her the blocks, ‘-ie.’ I didn’t fully choose her name, I wanted to have a week of just me and her to see if I wanted to change it. I had one other name in mind, but Stormi always felt like her name from when she was in the womb. It’s almost like she chose her name.”

When the nurse called to confirm the name,she said;
“They were like, ‘you sure?’ and I’m like, ‘yeah, just an i,'” she said. “Literally right then and there I just changed it to an ‘i.’ Then I hung up the phone and I was like, ‘Damn, guess that’s her name.’”

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She also wanted to name her Stormi Williow but since she is friends with Willow Smith,she thought it would be weird. I think i prefer her name with the “ie” .What do you guys think?

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