Chapter Twenty Nine:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont’d}

Nina went
to her room and it was noisy as usual with her roommate soaking her panties for
days under the bunk. Since Nina stays at the lower bunk, she suffers everything
from the smell of the soaked panties to the stepping of her bed to different
people coming into their room and sitting on her bed and charging phones since
the socket is directly above her bed and her bed is close to the door. Whenever
she enters the room she must see someone on her bed, it
s so depressing knowing how
much she paid for that space from the former owner and can
t even enjoy it. She cant even have a goodnight
sleep; she can
t read in her room because
of the noise as well

Nina: excuse me.
Strangers: oh sorry (they
got up from her bed and went to sit on the chair).
Nina: are you waiting for
Stranger: we came to charge
our phones.
Nina: who let you in?
Stranger: Kaycee.
Nina: oh okay.
Chizoba 🙁 passes Ninas room and stops by to
check on her) hey,Johny walker! Where have you been?
Nina: I was downstairs.
Chizoba: what are you doing
now? Come to my room.
Nina: okay, Im coming. Excuse me, where
did you say Kaycee went?
Kaycee 🙁 walks in) yeah,
what’s up?
Nina: okay, there you are.
(whispers in Kaycee
s ear) I dont want to see anyone on my bed.
Kaycee: yes maam.
Nina: Im serious (leaves for
s room).
Chizoba: how are you today?
Nina: just okay.
Chizoba: you dont look okay, is it Maureen?
Nina: no, its just the room in general.
Chizoba: what about your
Nina: they are like
Chizoba 🙁 laughing) I was
told it
s a notorious room. How did you get involved in that room in the first
Nina: I resumed late and
that was all I could get.
Chizoba: uh thats bad; if I had known you
earlier you would have been my roommate.
Nina: yeah I guess.
Chizoba: dont worry; it will soon be
over, you are lucky it
s just this semester. How much did you pay?
Nina: fifteen thousand.
Chizoba: what? For both
first and second semester?
Nina: no, just second.
Chizoba: thats too much. The hostel feel
is ten thousand naira and for both semesters, why would they collect fifteen
from you? Who did you pay too?
Nina: its one Amaka downstairs in
law faculty.
Chizoba: Amaka, big Amaka?
Nina: yeah.
Chizoba: but shes still in the hostel.
Nina: its her sisters space.
Chizoba: oh! But thats bad of her, why would she
take that kind of money? Where is her sister now?
Nina: she went for her
church program.
Chizoba: maybe is because
they saw how desperate you were for a place that
s why they did it like that.
Nina: I guess.
Chizoba: yeah, because
whether you paid that money or not, her sister will still go for her program so
they would have brought the price down.
Nina: or someone would have
taken the space.
Chizoba: or not, who is
ready to pay that kind of money when they are not staying off-campus and for
just second semester? It
s bullshit.
Nina: you might be right.
Chizoba: now look at the
kind of room you paid for. Next time try and make enquiry.
Nina: there wont be a next time because Ill make sure I resume
Chizoba: yeah, or that.
Just endure.
Nina: I dont have a choice right now.
Chizoba: you can sleep here
tonight if you want. Chioma won
t be around.
Nina: okay, thanks but
first of all I have to talk to them about the way different people sit on my bed
and the way I see different phones on my bed.
Chizoba: wow, you are
really seeing a lot in that room.
Nina: you have no idea. Im just waiting for all of
them to be around today so I can tell them.
Chizoba: okay. What were
you doing downstairs?
Nina: I was with some
Chizoba: new friends?
Nina: yeah, it turns out
that the Agnes I
ve been looking for has been in Ernestinas room.
Chizoba: how did you find
Nina: I went to see
Ernestina and I started talking to her roommates until one of them mistakenly
exposed her.
Chizoba: so what did she
Nina: she tried to deny it
but then she decided to let it go.
Chizoba: very funny.
Nina: that reminds me, she
invited me to a club,ATC club.
Chizoba:ATC club? Oh theyve gotten you?
Nina: what do you mean?
Chizoba: I know the club;
s Joan that started it
Nina: I think I heard that
name in their conversation.
Chizoba: Joan? Shes their mother.
Chizoba: she stays in the
north, that
s where it started and now she has brought it here, she and floxy.
Nina: floxy?
Chizoba: Florence is her
name but we call her Floxy.
Nina: oh.
Chizoba: theyve invited me to join their
club but I don
t have the time besides their rules are so much.
Nina: what rules?
Chizoba: members are not
allowed to have boyfriends and vice versa. Don
t worry, when you get there youll know what Im talking about.
Nina: wow, do they even
wear trousers at all?
Chizoba: if its that one they do, they
are like the funky born again with rules.
Nina: so because I have a
boyfriend I
ll be disqualified?
Chizoba: thats if you want to join.
Nina: thats ridiculous, we are all
adults here, and this is a university not secondary school.
Chizoba: I think you should
be telling them that not me. Joan really has time, I thought they are no more into
that club stuff anymore.i
m surprise to hear it from you.
Nina: really?
Chizoba: yeah, Ive not been hearing about
them for a while, I was thinking they
ve shut down.
Nina: obviously they havent.
Chizoba: maybe it’s because
I told them I
m not interested anymore that why they stopped bugging me about. Anyways
Joan is in Engineering so she still have one more year, I can
t waste my time left on
school theatre.
Nina: is that what its about?
Chizoba: yeah, its all about drama, music
and dance. I think they also said something about members not listening to
secular music.
Nina: no! I dont think so because the
girls I met were singing, oh wait a minute,she was singing he still loves me by
Beyonce; It
s a gospel song.
Chizoba: see!
Nina: no, she also sang runaway
by the Corrs in the bathroom with me and they are secular.
Chizoba: maybe she hasnt been introduced properly.
Nina: maybe.
Chizoba: shes your level isnt she?
Nina: yeah.
Chizoba: then shes new. Let her get deep
first, and then you
ll see what Im saying.
Nina: Ill be back, let me go get
my things for tonight.
Chizoba: okay, dont waste time.
Nina: (leaving to her room)
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