Chapter Twenty Eight:The Fifth And The Last Child

On her
way she met with Dennis neighbor, one of Ekene
s sisters Chioma, she didnt even know she was in the
same department with her but she is also in final year. Among all her sister
s shes quiet the responsible one.
I guess it
s because of the department
s in, their head of
department is a woman and she graduated with third class so she trying as much
as possible to frustrate students from graduating with a reputable 2
1 talk more of a first
Chioma: hi Amanda.
Nina : (trying to remember
where she knows the face) hi.
Chioma: you dont remember me? From Denniss lodge?
Nina:(recalling) ofcourse I
remember you, Ekene
s sister.
Chioma: yeah, what was that
guy telling you?
Nina: what guy?
Chioma: the one I saw you
Nina: oh that guy? He was
telling me about this Miss Microbiology stuff.
Chioma: dont mind that guy; hes just looking for who to
go to bed with. But if you want to contest, meet the right people.
Nina: thanks, but I dont want to do it.
Chioma: okay, how are you
Nina: Im good thanks. How about
Chioma: great.
Nina: okay, I guess Ill see you later.
Chioma: coming by the house
Nina: um, I dont know yet.
Chioma: okay, bye.
Nina: bye.
walks to the hostel and goes straight to her room. Her room is always noisy as
usual so she goes to Chidera
s room
Nina :(knocking) good
afternoon! What of Chidera?
Roommate: she went to
s room.
Nina: okay thanks.
She didnt know whether to go to
s room because they are not
close so she decided to head back to her room and she sees Chidera coming back
from Adaeze
s room
Chidera: hey, are you just
coming from my room.
Nina: yeah.
Chidera: whats up?
Nina: Im sort of bored.
Chidera: the hostel can be
like that sometimes, let us go to my room.
Nina: (walking into her
room) your room is always quiet unlike my room, hammer house of horror.
Chidera: yeah, your room is
always noisy; do they even go for lectures?
Nina: they do but sometimes
I wonder myself.
Chidera: my roommates dont really like noise
especially Ify.
Nina: yeah, I see. That
reminds me, do you know any Agnes?
Chidera: from?
Nina: our department.
Chidera: no I dont. Maybe Ive seen her before but didnt know her name is Agnes.
Nina: maybe.
Chidera: why?
Nina: someone referred me
to her so
Chidera: about?
Nina: nothing serious.
Chidera: okay.
Nina: Im even feeling sleepy.
Chidera: you can sleep on
my bed.
Nina: where will you sleep?
Chidera: my bunkmate is not
around so you have nothing to worry about,I can sleep on her bed.
Nina: okay thanks (climbs
the bunk to Chidera
s bed since her bunk is up).
She woke
up and discovered it was 6.30pm
Chidera: you are awake
Nina: whats the time?
Chidera: 6.30.
Nina: no way!
Chidera: way, do you know
you sleep like you
ve been bitten by tsetse fly.
Nina: wow, I didnt know I slept for that
Chapter Twenty Eight:The Fifth And The Last Child
Chidera: well, you did. My
roommates were even talking and you didn
t even shake, it was like you were dead or something.
Nina: is not that bad.
Chidera: Im serious, Ive been tapping you and you
t wake up.
Nina: is a lie.
Chidera: Im not lying, ask them.
Nina: whatever, Ive to go to my room now.
Chidera: okay, I prepared a
meal in case you are interested.
Nina: thanks (leaving to
her room).
Fat kc: Amanda where have
you been?
Nina: Chideras room.
Fat kc: Dennis came to look
for you.
Nina: oh thanks let me call
him, I was having a feeling someone came to check on me.
She was
trying to call him but he wasn
t picking. After 30minutes
he called her and asked her to come, so she did
Nina: hi.
Dennis 🙁 hugging her) Ive missed you so much. Why
are you avoiding me?
Nina: Im not, Ive just been busy.
Dennis: busy doing what?
(Hold and tickling her)
Nina 🙁 giggling) stop,
Dennis: its not fair, youve been avoiding me, do you
want to kill me? You know I always want you with me.
Nina: I was not avoiding
you; I just felt you might be busy as well, besides the hostel was quite boring
Dennis: why didnt you call me? I would have
Nina: I didnt want to disturb you.
Dennis: I have told you not
to say that. Whenever you want to come, you can always come. I just wish I had
the room to myself.
Nina: thats part of the reason why I
t come anytime. Because, I
t know if Ifeanyi might be
Dennis: okay dont worry by Gods grace in year two Ill get my own room.
Nina: okay, that would be
great and we can do whatever we like.
Dennis: yeah. So how have
you been?
Nina: good. My department
wants to have induction party and miss microbiology pageant.
Dennis: when?
Nina: soon, the induction
will be before the contest.
Dennis: will you attend?
Niina: the induction maybe
because they say it
s mandatory. Do you know one final year guy was convincing me to
participate in the pageant?
Dennis: dont mind him, all these their
useless pageant or do you want to participate?
Nina: no, I dont have time for that.
Dennis: okay.
comes with his girlfriend Nkiru
Ifeanyi: hey my people!
Nina: hi ifeanyi.
Ifeanyi:yes Amanda thank
God you are here, so you can meet my girlfriend.
Nina: oh okay.
Ifeanyi: meet Nkiru, Nkiru
meet Amanda.
Nina: nice to meet you.
Nkiru: same here, Ive heard a lot about you.
Nina: really? Me too…
Nkiru: ifeanyi and Dennis
talk about you. I was even wondering if Ifeanyi is dating you as well.
Ifeanyi: you are not serious,
excuse me guys (walks out of the room).
Nina: wow!
Nkiru: so what did you hear
about me?
Nina: dont worry, they are all good.
Nkiru 🙁 laughing) Dennis,
you are happy now right?
Dennis: about?
Nkiru: stop pretending, he
was really missing you yesterday.
Nina: yesterday?
Dennis: baby, I forgot to
tell you she has been here since yesterday.
Nina: oh yeah you did.
Nkiru: maybe because he was
so excited to see you that
s why he forgot.
Nina :(smiling) yeah I
Nkiru: where did Ifeanyi go
now? I
ll be back, let me check
where he went to (leaves).
Nina: wow, shes really a hand full.
Dennis: I told you.

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