Check Out Dolly Parton’s hilarious ‘Jolene’ Tweet

Check Out Dolly Parton's hilarious 'Jolene' Tweet

Icon country Singer-songwriter,Dolly Parton took to her twitter to share a meme which she labeled from her classic hit song ‘Jolene’ – where she begged her not o take her man. The 72-year-old shared the photo (below) and twitter users went crazy;

Check Out Dolly Parton's hilarious 'Jolene' Tweet

“The best use of this meme ever!” a commenter wrote.

“A+ meme work, ma’am👍🏻,” another said.

“And just like that, Dolly Parton now owns Twitter.  👸,” one fan declared.

“Queen,” someone else simply wrote.

Commenters also shared gifs and memes of their own — with some fans offering other “Jolene”-themed takes.

“Isn’t this more accurate?” the Twitter user asked.

The tweet was sgared on monday and racked 103,000 retweets and 364,000 likes.

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