Chapter Twenty Four:The Fifth And The Last Child {cont’d}

Nina hasn
t seen Dennis for a while
and finally sees him, she
s all over him. She kisses
him like it
s the first time they are
meeting each other and holds him like she wants to live inside him so whenever
he travels again he
ll take her with him.
Dennis loved that feeling, it made him feel like she really loves him and doesn
t want anyone but him. When
he touches her she gets chills down her spine, when her kisses her she feels
chills all over her body and never want to stop. The only thing they haven
t done was sex because Nina
t ready, when they smooch,
she just wants to let him go down there but she wants to be sure if he really
loves her the way she loves him

She could
tell that Dennis really wanted her, she wanted him too but she was being careful,
they keep smooching until Dennis couldn’t hold himself down there and then  Nina stops it
Dennis: baby, please
Nina: wait, not today.
Dennis: dont you miss me?
Nina: I do but we cant do this now. Weve talk about this before.
Dennis: yeah, I know, I
Nina: dont be angry with me.
Dennis: Im not; Im just trying to come back
to myself.
Nina: what do you mean?
Dennis: you wont understand.
Nina: why not?
Dennis: Because you are not
a guy.
Nina: try me.
Dennis: no forget about it.
Nina: please!
Dennis: you see when we do
this. It
s hard to control down there. I want to wait till you are ready but you
are not making it easy for me.
Nina: Im sorry.
Dennis: dont be. Its just if I keep touching
and kissing you, I’d want you more.
Nina: so what are you
Dennis: we shouldnt go this far anymore so I
t have to go through this
stuff again.
Nina: okay.
Dennis: yeah, oh its down now.
Nina: are you okay?
Dennis: Ill be fine.
They held
one another and talked all night until they finally went to bed. Nina loves Dennis
so much she didn
t want to lose him, she
loved how they smooched and felt bad that they wouldn
t have to do that so much
anymore. She wishes and prays Dennis would be patient with her because she
really wants to make it right
The next day they stayed in
bed talking
Nina: Dennis, please dont take that long at home
Dennis: you know is not my
fault. It
s my brother, he gives money whenever he likes.
Nina: because youll be missing lectures a
Dennis: yeah, I know.
Nina: okay, I heard theres a freshers party tomorrow.
Dennis: is it now they know
ll do freshers party?
Nina: I wonder, they ought
to do it since first semester.
Dennis: well thats their problem because Im not going.
Nina: why?
Dennis: do you want to go?
Nina: since its our party we should go.
Dennis: one cant trust all these parties.
Nina: how?
Dennis: all those bad boys
looking for girls to corrupt while some get initiated that day.
Nina: Whoever wants to be
initiated will be initiated. Besides I have you to protect me.
Dennis: baby, lets forget about it okay?
Nina: okay.
Dennis: Ill be back, excuse me (gets
up from the bed to his neighbors room).
Nina: where are you going?
Dennis: I want to see
Ekene. I haven
t seen him since I came back.
Ekene was
also in final year, he has four sisters that are based in Lagos. Most of the
guys were friends with him because of his sisters; they feel they are really
beautiful. Meanwhile they are just okay, they were just like normal girls we
see on the street but because they were the only girls in that compound, they
treated them like the queens of the lodge. Dennis wasn
t close to Ekene but
because of his sisters he tried to be close to him, he was more close to their
last sister, Chinenye.She was the reason he loved going there but he gave
excuses with Ekene because he
s the only boy there.
Chapter Twenty Four:The Fifth And The Last Child {cont'd}
Nina: okay.
Dennis: so what are we
eating this morning?
Nina: um, noodles?
Dennis: okay, check for it
in the cupboard. I won
t take long.
Nina: okay.
starts fixing breakfast, it took her like forty minutes because she was using a
stove and Dennis wasn
t back yet but she could
hear his voice and Ekene
s sister. She finished the
meal and went to have her bathe, she was upset that Dennis took so long and
t even care to check on
her. Where she usually has her bath was in Tony
s bathroom because that was where Dennis had hes own bath. Normally she
and Dennis have their bathe together, they learnt it from Tony and Ernestina
but since Dennis was busy chatting with his neighbors she decided to bathe solo
Tony: hey, Amanda. What of
Nina: hes at ekenes room.
Tony: okay, how was your
Nina: good.
Tony: I guess you are happy
Dennis is back.
Nina: of course I am. Ive got to go.
She went
back to Dennis room since she was tying a towel around her chest and Tony
s compound was a gate away
from Dennis
s lodge. When she got to
the room she saw Dennis there
Dennis: hey, babe. Youve had your bathe?
Nina 🙁 frowning) yes I
Dennis: why didnt you wait for me?
Nina: wait for you? What
happened to you been right back?
Dennis: Im sorry, is that why you
are frowning? Okay, let me go and have my bathe so we could eat together.
Nina: whatever!
Dennis: oh come on sweetie.
m sorry; they were really
taking my time.
Nina: just go and have your
bathe before the food gets cold, that
s if its not already cold.
Dennis: okay, let me rush.
Nina was
still frowning and dressing up; Dennis went to have his bath. She was wondering
why he always goes there and what they do there, she doesn
t always live with him, she
just comes to visit so why couldn
t he just give her the time she needed with him, Dennis came back from
his bath, the food was already on the table with her on the side waiting. He
noticed how upset she was but he didn
t want to upset her more but wanted to cheer her up
Dennis: oh, you are already
dressed? Let me just eat before the food gets cold (sits down to eat).
Nina: I told you I had
lectures today, didn
t i?
Dennis: yeah you did.
Nina: why do you always go
Dennis: (eating) where?
Nina: to that lodge?
Dennis: I told you I wanted
to say hi to them.
Nina: them? Oh, its not Ekene anymore.
Dennis: it’s all of them,
they are siblings. I didn
t say hi last night.
Nina: then why did you tell
me it was just Ekene? And how long does it take you to say hi to someone?
Dennis: why are you asking
me too many questions? What is this?
Nina: what is what? That I
come to visit you and I can
t just spend time with you?
Dennis: we were together
last night?!
Nina: so? I dont live with you, I visit.
Your neighbors are always with you, when I
m here I expect you to be there for me.
Dennis: Im sorry, just eat up and
s go to school.
Nina: Im okay.
Dennis: you havent eating anything.
Nina: I have, Im okay.
Dennis: okay, let me just
finish up.
Nina: I cant wait for you.
Dennis: why? Are you still
Nina: Im late.
Dennis: Ill hurry okay. Just wait
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