Chapter Twenty Five:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont’d}

Fat kc: Amanda, arent you going to the party?

Nina: no, I cant.
Fat Kc: why? Is it because
of your period?
Nina: yeah! Besides my
boyfriend isn
t going so I dont have to be there.
Fat Kc: okay.
Chize:(comes in all dressed
up) hey Amanda, why aren
t you dressed?
Kaycee:(looks outside the
window and sees Nina
s boyfriend downstairs)uh, your boyfriend is definitely going.
Nina: what? Is Dennis
Chize: yeah, they are all
downstairs, I heard you are having stomach ache, sorry.
Nina: but he said never mind, let me see him
downstairs (goes downstairs).
Dennis: hi sweetie!
Nina: hi guys! (Drags
Dennis to a corner) what are you doing here? You said you didn
t want to attend the party.
Dennis: yeah but all my
friends are going, I just couldn
t stay alone at the lodge.
Nina: so you decided to
come with them? When you know I
m not feeling well.
Dennis: Im sorry, I dont want to pressure you to
come to the party, and you can go back to bed if you want.
Nina: who is that guy?
Dennis: he is Rachels boyfriend.
Nina: where is Rachel?
Dennis: I heard shes contesting so hes going with Chize then
Tony and Ernestina, ofcourse!
Nina: then if Im in my room who will you
be with?
Dennis: no one, Ill just have fun on my own
but I wish you weren
t feeling this pain.
Nina: dont worry, let me go change.
ll go with you.
Dennis: really?! Are you
sure you are up for it?
Nina: Ill be fine besides I took
drugs so the pain is subsiding.
okay, go dress up. Don
t worry you dont have to dance if you
okay (goes up to her room and starts dressing up).
what are you doing?
going to the party.
Fat kc:
are you feeling better now?
your boyfriend is going to the party, isn
t he?
to Nina room again) hey! You are going?
okay, hurry up before they close the hall. I
m downstairs.
dressed really well as usual and went with Dennis and the rest, when they got
to the hall, they sat this way; Rachel
s boyfriend, Chize, Dennis, Nina, Tony and Ernestina. Dennis was in
between Nina and Chize, Rachel
s boyfriend was
concentrating on the show and waiting for his girlfriend to step on stage
After some time Rachel and
two other girls stepped out on stage, Rachel danced and sang, after the
competition they announced the winner. Rachel won, she wasn
t the prettiest among them,
she was short with bow legs but I guess she had the swag that the audience wanted. 
After the announcement, the DJ started jamming songs, Rachels boyfriend went to get her
of course and Chize got up from her sit and started dancing, Dennis did the
same and started dancing with her on the chair. Since they were sitting on the
table to be able to see what was going on stage, Nina was sitting on the table
watching Dennis dancing and giggling with Chize, forgetting he came to the
party with her. They danced for 15mins, Dennis couldn
t even control himself
knowing Nina wasn
t feeling too well; Nina
was getting really upset, she looked at her left and saw Tony with Ernestina
meanwhile her boyfriend is dancing with another girl in her presence without
her permission. Ernestina wasn
t dancing, yet Tony was
with her, why can
t Dennis do the same? Nina
t stop him from dancing
with Chize after all she wasn
t up for it and he didnt even bother to ask her if
she was well enough to dance.
Tony: Amanda, how are you
feeling now?
Nina: good.
Tony:okay(faces Ernestina
Ken: (he was looking out
for Nina and saw her among the crowd) hi, Nina!
Nina: hi ken!
Ken: why are you sitting
here while people are dancing? Do you want to dance?
Nina: um, yeah, okay!
Goes with
Ken and starts dancing, she
s a very good dancer and
anytime she dances, every guy want to dance with her. As she was dancing with Ken,
a guy comes and starts dancing with her until they became so many. As one is
leaving another was coming, Nina didn
t mind because she was really frustrated with Dennis’ behavior and
decided to also have fun since he didn
t care. Dennis starts noticing from afar what was going on and went to
confront her
Dennis: baby can I talk to
you outside?
Nina: why?
Dennis: please?!
Nina:(she follows him
outside) yes?
Dennis: what are you doing?
Nina: what do you mean?
Dennis: back there. What
were you doing?
Nina: dancing.
Dennis: with strangers?
Nina: Ken is not a
Dennis: when I saw you, you
t dancing with Ken. I didnt even know when you left
your sit.
Nina: and whose fault is
Dennis: whats that supposed to mean?
Nina: when you were busy
dancing how would you know?
Dennis: I thought you
t be able to dance.
Nina: why, did I break my
Dennis: because of your
Nina: you thought? You didnt ask. First of all you
come to my hostel unannounced about this party, drag me to this party and start
dancing with Chize.
Dennis: I didnt know I was upsetting you.
Nina: you didnt know? I was right there
and you treated me like I didn
t exist. Do you like Chize?
Dennis: What? No, Chize is
s cousin for Christ sake!
Nina: and if she wasnt?
Dennis: Chize is like a
younger sister to me. I wouldn
t do that.
Nina: oh please! Spare me
that younger sister bullshit, because Tony is your friend, it doesn
t make Chize your sister.
Dennis: why are you talking
like this?
Nina: you were accusing me
of looking at Tony one time and now you are doing the worst.
Dennis: I was just dancing
with her, how is that worse?
Nina: you ignored me!
Dennis: okay, Im sorry. Can we please stop
quarreling, please?
Nina: dont ever do that to me again.
Dennis: okay, I wont. Lets go back in and sit okay.
Nina: okay.
night after dancing with Chize, he danced with Chioma and Blessing; chize
s friends. They settled it
but Nina was really disappointed with the way Dennis behaved. She danced with
those guys to see how he would feel. Dennis didn
t value her, he doesnt even treat her like his girlfriend and he wasnt in a rush to see her or
be with her. He acts like he is still single around her, he didn
t care about her feelings, and
he just did what he likes whether it was pleasing to Nina or not
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