Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed lose their dog,Ira to cancer

Vampire Diaries alum,Ian Solmerhalder and Twilight alum,Nikki Reed bid farewell to their dog ,Ira after she passes away from cancer. Ian shared a photo with the gorgeous German Shepard and captioned;’amazing girl,”I’ve never known a more incredible animal.”At 12:11 PM PST this beautiful girl took her last breath. Quietly cancer had filled this amazing girl of mine and there was nothing any of us could do,’

‘I’ve never known a more incredible animal. A soul that spoke 1,000 languages,’

‘Kid, I will miss you and anyone that ever got to know you will miss you. Countless flights, 100 nights in the airstream, driving across the country, jumping in very lake- river- stream and ocean there was, just for a splash and to be happy.’

And his wife wrote;
‘My sweet Ira girl,’ ‘So many memories, so many adventures with you by my side.

‘You’ve been my best friend for so long, and as I sit here and write you this letter, I still don’t know if I am able to say goodbye. You are the definition of unconditional love my gorgeous girl.’

Aww,so sad. Its a very sad feeling losing a pet,i remember when my siblings and i lost one of our dogs Robin,he was so gorgeous,intelligent and homely. Sorry for you loss Ian and Nikki.

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