Ashton Kutcher donates $4 million to Ellen DeGeneres’ Wildlife Fund

 This is very nice. It’s great to have wealthy friends…Hollywood actor,Ashton Kutcher and his tech company (Ripple)  fund investor partner,Guy Oseary donated $4 million to Ellen DeGeneres’ Wildlife Fund which her wife,Portia de Rossi presented her on her 60th birthday. Ashton said;“So, we were meeting with these folks and they were talking to us about the ethics of this company and this platform and how they actually really care about being an ethical company and giving a portion of this platform away to people that are doing good in the world,”

“You explained to me that if you weren’t doing this that what you would be working on is that project, right? You would be saving the gorillas,” “But you never ask anyone for anything ever and you said ‘At some point I’m going to need some help with this.’ And I said, ‘You’re asking me for help? You never ask anyone for help ever!’”

“We [told Ripple], ‘There’s this amazing human being and all they ever do is think about other people they can give to,” he says in praise of his friend. “Whether it’s in New Orleans, whether it’s in Montecito, whether it’s the people that come here, the people out there, you’re always thinking about everyone else and we wanted to show you that people are thinking about you.”

Oseary also said;“I was like, ‘She’s calling me on her birthday. I hope everything is OK,’” Oseary recalls. “You wanted to share with me this incredible story, this gift of a lifetime that Portia gave you. And I promised you on that call that I’d be there to help you. [Ashton and I] are brothers and we’re here to help you.”

A very emotional DeGeneres said, “That was the most amazing thing. Thank you. I love you both so much, you know that.”

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