Mexican Director,Gustavo Loza Fired from Network after Karla Souza’s Rape Allegations

Mexican Director,Gustavo Loza Fired from Network after Karla Souza's Rape Allegations

How to get away with murder star, Karla Souza who have been in both movies and TV series in Mexico revealed in an interview with CNN that she was raped by a producer (though did not mention the name) early in her career.  On Wednesday Televisa said in a statement;
 “after a preliminary investigation, Televisa has decided to immediately break all relations with Gustavo Loza,”  “Televisa will not tolerate conduct like that described today.”

Loza wrote on his twitter account, “I deny all the accusations against me.”

And in a statement; “Televisa cannot take on the role of investigator, prosecutor and much less judge, condemning me in the media, above all when the victim has never mentioned my name.”

“I respectfully ask her to clear this situation up in the news media, by mentioning the name or names of her attackers and file charges against them, so that these regrettable and lamentable acts she suffered will not go unpunished.”

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