Janet Jackson’s Post Baby Weight Loss Secret Revealed

Janet Jackson's Post Baby Weight Loss Secret Revealed

Popstar Janet Jackson gave birth to babyboy in January last year and have never looked better since he arrived. According to trainer Paulette Sybliss,Janet’s 70 lbs weight loss did not involve cardio,it was more of strength training and lifting weights. She said;

 “We were training a minimum of four times a week and the sessions were never less than 45 minutes, no more than an hour,” Paulette said. “Very intense, though. Very intense training. . . We were doing three or four exercises with weights back to back. You would look at her and think she’d done like an hour of cardio with me, but when you’re working with weights and you’re working the muscle that way, it elevates the heart rate, but also it’s creating that fat-burning effect both during the session and also when she left me, and that was key.””If Janet feels that she needs to have a chocolate cake, go ahead and have a chocolate cake. You’re not eating it every day. You won’t get fat overnight.”“She looks incredible and she’s so fit, but she’s also healthy,” Paulette shared

Wow,that’s impressive,Ms Jackson looks great for 51.

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