Justin Bieber Make Unnecessary Comment On a Tribute To Prince

After musician and former California Breed guitarist Andrew Watt shared a tribute to the late Prince calling him  "the last of the greatest living performers."
Justin Bieber who among-st few celebs paid no form of tribute to the singer was quick to comment. He wrote;"Well not the last greatest living performer,"

Some fans of the late singer were really pissed by his comment;

"@justinbieber 's comments were tasteless, disrespectful and lacked sensitivity and proof once again that Bieber needed to spend more time in a classroom or any learning environment that socializes you to others," one person wrote.
"@justinbieber, you're such a disrespectful a--hole!!!" another user said. "You'll NEVER be a legend like Prince."
Wow Bieber! You really love the hate don't you?


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