Hilarious Memes Of Jay Z Following Lemonade Release

Wow,Beyonce's Lemonade album is causing serious commotion not just in the music industry and fans but for her husband Jay Z. Talk about blindsiding!

Like what i'm wondering is why now? Why have Queen Bey decided to share is cheating woes. Does this mean they are really headed for divorce soon? We all know Beyonce is a 'people-pleaser' and the only way she can come out of this marriage is to do exactly what she just did. And boy!is it cruel!lol

See people tweets after the cut.....Keith RC, @Kreid_C, wrote: 'Jay Z: Hey Bey...when you gonna let me hear the album?' 'Beyonce: Don't worry, you will...' He accompanied the tweet with a picture of Beyonce smiling calmly in the camera, aboveBeyonce fans are taking to Twitter to mock singing sensations hip hop star husband Jay-Z after the 'Crazy In Love' singer appeared accuse him on infidelityA man named Mo, tweeting under the handle @MIG311200 referred to the fact Beyonce is considered very beautiful, while her husband is less so

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