Nick MInaj's Camp To Blame For Nick Young's leaked Cheating Confession Video

Nick Young’s Los Angeles Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell shared a video on SnapChat where Young confessed to cheating on Iggy Azalea. And now Radaronline claim Nicki Minaj's camp have something to do with it after Iggy made this statement on watch what happens live;
“I have just as many people on my writing credits as she has on hers. I would know, I write mine," “If she writes hers, I believe her too, but you can’t look at the credits and be like, ‘Oh, look at this massive difference.’ It’s the same number of people on both.”
See what they wrote about Nicki's camp after the cut...

D'Angelo Russell
“Somebody from Nicki Minaj’s camp, a source, got the video and they sent it in,” a writer for “Fameolous,” who broke the story, said on the HD Show. “They said, ‘Here put this out because Iggy want to talk mess about Nicki Minaj, put this out and let her know what her fiancĂ© is doing.’ That’s the real story behind this.”


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