Madonna Expose 17-year-old Girl Boobs On Stage {Photos}

Not holding back: 'She's the kind of girl that you just want to slap on the a** and pull...,' Madonna said as she tore down the teenager's corset-style top
During Madonna’s Rebel Heart concert in Brisbane,Australia on Thursday night. She called a 17-year-old,Josephine Georgiou’s on stage and pulled down her top exposing her breast on stage..

Shocked: The fan appeared shock as her bustier was pulled down by the Crazy For You singer but said she also had a wardrobe malfunctionMs Georgiou was dressed for the evening in low slung black jeans, a black embellished halter neck top and flower patterned Doc MartensJosephine Georgious's mother, Toni (left) pictured with Josephine. Her mother said in a post on Facebook that she is proud that Madonna spanked her daughterThe teenager said the only reason she looked so 'surprised' at the time was because she was standing alongside her favourite idol

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