Iggy Azalea Goes Topless For Schön! Magazine

Sultry: The Australian star, 25, looks stunning in the cover shot, with her hair styled into loose waves and with a full face of glam makeupGlam: The singer, who is releasing her second album this year, dresses up in a black dress with a daring split for another racy shot
Fancy Rapper Iggy Azalea bares it all for Schön! Magazine. The 25-year-old discussed her upcoming wedding to NBA star,Nick Young and her album. She said;
'I know where I'm getting married, and the date. I have my wedding dress being made. I've booked my honeymoon. I guess the plans underway, but I haven't made any major decisions, like I haven't picked the food or like done the table settings or flowers or any of that stuff yet,'
'I've just got to figure out when the hell to put it on, I've got to have a wedding and go on a f**king honey moon and... Put on an arena tour, all across the whole world. Last time, the tour that I ended up cancelling, because I had to have a psychotic break-down last year, now we're going to do North America and the rest of Europe, which I didn't feel like I was in the place to do that last time. I felt tired and stressed out. Now, I feel like my energy's been renewed.'
'I just need to figure out when the f**k I'm going to do it. Because after getting married, I'll probably be like "I'm married, now I'm going on tour forever, bye honey.'''
'If you happen to have a song that organically works for the radio, great. That was my approach for Digital Distortion and it really freaked everybody out at my label, because I was like "I'm not going to try to make you a pop song I'm just warning you now. I might make an album that your nine-year-old daughter absolutely f**king hates."'
'"If that's how it ends up, at the end of the six month period, or however long it takes me, I'm sorry but you're going to have to figure out a way to market the album that does not include the radio." I think their brains imploded. I would vote the Internet over the radio.'

Stripped back and stripped off: Iggy Azalea poses topless in a nude slip for a new shoot for Schön! Magazine


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