How to Get a Kiss on a First Date

This post is definitely for the guys cos lets face it, they basically live for this moment, lol. When you meet a girl for the first time and you exchange numbers, you need to butter up a little (and I don't mean chatting her up, asking for nude photos(Yep, so many perverts out there), get to know her...
Give her a call
Trust me, first impression matters. I have met lots of loser guys; they are meeting me for the first time and asking where we are meeting or inviting me to their home (why do some men do this?). Like Hello! I don't even know you name or if you are a human being, Geez...
Sometimes being straight forward works but it has definitely not worked for me. I like to take things a bit slow like; You both meet for the first time at a concert, conference, party, wedding, after work (on a bus, cab or a park)…you don't have to see her for the first time and ask for her number or use words like " you look familiar" (Are freaking kidding me? lol), unless she indeed look like someone you know which is not the case most of the time. Just ask her a question, comment on her outfit, hair, shoes, purse or beauty, talk about the driver, weather, lecture, seminar, artist, music....just come up with something. Once you both get talking and the conversation seems fun, then you can ask for her number.

If you want to give her a call right a way or latter that day, go ahead and do so. But make sure you have something interesting to say, if not just ask how she's doing, work and everyone around her...

Get to know her
It's only when you understand who you are interested in that you can be able to tell what kind of places she's into. And I know most of you {men} are in a hurry to see her again but like most rushed date, it doesn't go well. I'm not also saying you should wait for two weeks before you ask her on a date (though it's not also bad), I’m saying you should get to know her. You can’t get to know everything about her in a week but you can know what and what you need for the perfect date and it can be done in the space of a week. Things like;
  • What do you do for fun - does she like to drink and just chill (a bar with a little Karaoke sounds nice),is she a movie girl, is she an outdoor person (beach comes to mind…. Please don't tell her what to wear, puts the pressure on)...
  • What are your hobbies - Is she a foodie girl, sports girl, and fashion girl, artistic (loves books, painting, and music)...
  • What she loves and what she hates - It could be anything...From all these you could tell the type of place she could feel comfortable to hang out...

Make sure you both meet where she desires
You are trying to impress a girl not the other way around. Though you are still the man, suggest places you think she might like and let her choose. Unless she's an extrovert, never ask her where you are to meet. If you own a car/use your dad or friends car, pick her from her home unless she wants to meet you.
Though I feel restaurants (and I don't mean mama put o, lol) are really cool for first dates, you know; where you both can order what you want and keep the conversation going, making eye contact. But its not also the best place cos some people are really shy and the pressure of being on a first date can be really daunting. And we don't really have exciting places in Nigeria per say (apart from the beach, cinemas, restaurants, clubs ,bars and some cafes; which I feel they have a lot of work to be done in terms of entertaining people). These three places are cool for first dates, if you don’t want to try the traditional type;

  • ·       Cinemas are quite fair cos the attention is not really on you both and you guys get to watch a cool movie to talk about later, maybe on a second (dinner) date .
  • ·         The Beach: playing with the ocean, eating some barbecue, drinking soda. Just chilling and conversing....
  • ·         Concerts/Comedy show: These shows don’t happen often (Nigeria), just like twice or three times a year, so if you are lucky it falls during this time, then you are golden!
Ask her what she would like to have
On the date, it’s still about the lady, I repeat! It’s about the lady! Ask her what she'll be having, depending on the setting of the outing; go get it for her or you both get it together or better yet, a waiter serves you.

Listen to Her
But don't just listen, contribute. Don't make her feel like she's conversing with a dummy or to herself but let her do most of the talking. You are getting to know her so it’s a given. Don't start placing hands on her laps or back side while you wait for your order or at the shawarma stand (yep some of you do that), it’s tacky! Don't talk about her flaw (physical or behavioral), don’t talk about your ex unless she ask.
You can also ask whatever you want, as long as she is willing to talk about it. If she is not ready to talk about it, move to the next question (don't ask so much questions, even if you are a reporter, lol)

Just let her lead
Let her decide what she'll be having, when she'll be leaving... When it's time to leave, it’s okay to let her know you'll miss her but get up and take her home or pay for her cab fare home.

Though most girls don't like to kiss on the first date, it depends on how you play your cards, how charming you are and how nicely you butter her up before and on that first date. I'm sure when you lean for a kiss, she’ll let you. And the first kiss doesn't necessarily have to be on her front porch or gate, it could happen on THE date; depending on the settings, attraction and conversation.  It might also seem like the guys need this post the most, ladies also have their role to play and that involves looking absolutely gorgeous (and I don't mean dressing trashy, you know; like your boobs hanging all out and all, I mean looking and feeling clean) and having a nice scent (not pouring every perfume you have in your shelf, choking the guy...just having a fresh scent is fine). So you are good to go!

I know y'all might be like "for one freaking date"?!Lol. Yes, for one freaking date! Cos that would determine if there would be a next one. Unless you are looking for a one night stand, then this post is not applicable to you. Mind you, getting the first kiss is one, giving a good kiss is another…How well can you kiss? Cos that could also determine the next date. It’s a first date, so keep it light and simple (no wet or French kissing) unless you both are really into it; then knock each other lips off, lol.

What do you all think? Any suggestions on getting a kiss on the first date?


Express yourself,Have fun and be nice...

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