Yikes!Talk About Awkward: Stacey Dash 'Black History Month' Speech

Stacey Dash came out for a quick and cringe-worthy cameo during the Oscars to wish the crowd a 'Happy Black History Month'

I don't think anyone was expecting her on stage.After Chris Rock introduced Stacey Dash to the stage as the new director of the Academy's 'minority outreach program' to wish the audience a 'happy Black History month'. Rock said;
'The Academy has taken steps to fix this problem (of lacking diversity). That is why it is my honor to introduce the new director of our minority outreach program.
'Please welcome, Miss Stacey Dash,' 
And the 'clueless' star made this speech
'I cannot wait to help my people out! Happy Black History month. Thank you.'
Okay,how awkward was that? See Chrissy Teigen's reaction after the cut...

Chrissy Teigen, who cringed so well in 2015 it became a meme, broke out her Internet-famous  frownThe Weeknd tried to hide his cringe as he placed his hand over his mouth
I know right?!