Scarlett Johansson Reveals Why She Divorced Ryan Reynolds

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In an interview with Parade magazine,Scarlett Johansson discussed her career and reason for her split from Deadpool actor,Ryan Reynolds. She said;
“Acting is a very strange world to be co-existing in. It’s very volatile,” she revealed to the magazine. “There’s always going to be the more successful person. It’s related to rejection. Because actors, if they’re not having success, connect it directly to unpopularity — to the fact that nobody wants them. It’s not necessarily true. I’m constantly rejected.”

“[Marriage] takes a lot of work. It takes a man who’s not only confident in the love that you have for one another, but confident in what he has going on in his own career,” she added. “He has to be in a field that’s completely different from yours. My husband’s also involved in art. What’s important to him is the recognition that he gets from his job, and that has nothing to do with my job.”