Linda Ikeji Apologize For Her 'Birkin' Madness

After Popular Nigerian millionaire blogger,Linda Ikeji shared a photo of her latest purchase (not one but two Herm├Ęs Birkin bags),a fan and fashion expert called her out for it,insisting its fake. Linda got pissed and and made her IG page private.

Few hours later,she shared a 'clearer' photo of the bags and asked the fan to check again.Mentioning how she loves bags and can afford the real one and not fake. Well,it did not sit well with some of her fans;since they read her reply as being proud and arrogant. Well she has apologized,with a selfie ofcourse and heightened generousity. See the shenanigans below...

Errrrr,you can dish but can't take the heat? B**ch pls....lol

Fans reaction
Being proud