Who Is Buying This Kendall Jenner & Harry Style's Dating Game?

Up close: After a series of playful poses and giggling moments the duo have sparked rumours of a new romance

I know i'm not! Still on their yacht cruise,the friendly couple were all smiles as the take a swim with friends in st Barts on Thursday. Their mothers'Kris Jenner and Anne Cox also joined the fun.

Why i think this two are just fooling people that want to be fooled is this;
1) No one is that friendly with an ex (that's if they truly dating back in 2013)especially people their age.

2) Since the beginning of KUWTK we've never really seen kendall dating (like in a relationship) anyone. We don't even know if she's into men.
3) They look more like friends in this photo. There could be a possible attraction but it might be one-sided. If not why is it not working already?
Pulling our legs? It was certainly another flirty display from Kendall Jenner (left) and Harry Styles (right) as they holidayed on a yacht in St Barts on ThursdayCheeky monkey: Harry didn't need to read far to get a grip on the model's never-ending pinsGetting cosy: After many moments of cuddles and play fights, some fans are questioning the state of Kendall and Harry's romance and if they have gone from platonic to romantic after their rumoured 2013 romanceMore playtime? Harry had unfinished businessGetaway: She made her getaway, looking pleased and pulling down her bikini top to make sure she was still well-coveredModel body: The brunette was looking incredible in a leopard print bikini, with Harry walking on and giving up the pursuitMummy's boy? Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles may have ruined the seeming romance of the cosy vacation after they were joined on their Carribbean jaunt by their respective mothers on New Year's DayBody beautiful: She wore a body chain to accessoriseGlorious: Kendall cooled off after the splash aroundMeet the parents: Kris rocked her favoured vacation look with a white fedora atop her famous raven crop, a tie-dye monochrome beach cover and a huge pair of sunglasses


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