Online Troll Threatens Beyonce's Life,Mother Tina Calls The Police

Beyonce's mum Tina phones the police over racist troll

 An online troll wrote death threats to Beyonce's mum,Tina Lawson (Yeah,she a Lawson now!) with the comment below.

"I'm going to assisinate your daughter. Master plan I could only imagine what that blood smells like. (sic)
"That movie Carmen she played in is coming back to hunt her. Yeah n***a bottom lip in mouth face evil as f***."
Referring to a movie role {Carmen} the 'drunk in love' singer played in 20001 alongside Bow Wow. A fan of the 62-year-old designer warned the troll with the comment below;
"I have your account reported to the FBI @aviante4921. Never think that because you are posting anonymously that you are anonymous from the authorities.
"This is a very heavy thing to say and you will be in custody maximum of one week from today."

And Tina wrote back thanking him: "Thank you Jfintel I just reported him to the authorities as well they are on it.


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