Just because I'm a female doesn't mean I work for free!! - Victoria Kimani

The chocolate city artist shared the photo on her instagram above and wrote;
"People need to start respecting female entertainers, presenters, Actors, artists, Models, dancers, business women , PR, managers , PA,s, singers, stylists , DJ's , designers...and Generally all positions in the Entertainment field in Africa.... The amount of negativity, rumors, gossip, assumptions, judgement , hypocrisy , Threats and over all evil eye that is pointed towards These particular women is out of this world!
NO!! Just because I'm a female doesn't mean I work for free!! NO! Just because I'm a business woman with standards doesn't make me a Bi$(h .... Yes... If I want to date someone that's A.) My business and B.) Up to my better judgement on who I want to invite into my life. C.) It's complicated .... AND ....NO.... Just because I am singing to you in a cute outfit on stage and on your TV... Does NOT MAKE ME A PROSTITUTE ... There are too many People praying for me ... For me to fall into the hands of the ENEMY so freely and easily .... I work DAMN hard ... I have been working on, dreaming about, planning for, building towards, sweating , crying, praying , waiting for, lost friends , faced loneliness , looked stupid, hated on, sabotaged , made mistakes , been under-rated and still raise up and be THE BADDEST ... I respect ME... I LOVE ME....I'm Extremely Proud of me ... And I respect YOU and Love you too. Respect the grind and go get yours too! #OneLove #AFRICAmustWakeUP #RESPECTtheWOMANonHERgrind#STRONGgirl
I know right?! people just feel because we are women and if God help us really attractive we don't have to do a thing but 'one thing' and if we are creative ,our services should be for free cos they feel like we don't ever need a thing. Preach sista!


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