Creative or Creepy? This Guy Thinks He Is Kendall Jenner's Twin

Play time: A man claiming to be named Kirby Jenner is gaining internet fame by Photoshopping himself into photos of Kendall Jenner, and claiming to be her fraternal twin

This dude goes by the name Kirby Jenner,calls himself an amateur model and Kendall Jenner's twin. He edited some of Kendall's most liked instagram photos,dressing like the model and behaving like her. He told Dailymail he is ;'an amateur model', a 'lover of all things' 'fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner', 'a fun dude, livin' life one day at a time'.
I think is very creative of him,lol. See more photos below....Skills: Kirby shows that he has impressive skills with editing software as he matches up every filter and photo quality of the 19-year-old model's most famous social media postsA bit stuck: In this Easter photo, Kirby proves he isn't quite as graceful as his 'sister'On the rise: Thanks to his funny captions and editing skills, Kirby has gained over 40,000 followers on the social media siteCopycat: Kendall gives her mustachioed 'brother' a run for his moneyBig time: Kirby describes himself as an 'amateur model' in his Instagram biographyFun in the sun: Kirby isn't quite as skilled as balancing on the edge of a boat, and captioned this image with, 'Felt like Leo in Titanic! The part where he drowned tho'Trending: Kirby also joins in with the popular throwback trend that Kendall loves by sharing this image of 'their' 17th birthdaySibling time: Kirby claims that 'Kendall gives hats to anyone she thinks is cute!!' in this snapOut and about: It seems that Kirby regularly joins Kendall around on her jet-setting lifestyleOut and about: It seems that Kirby regularly joins Kendall around on her jet-setting lifestyleDidn't quite make it: Kirby wrote that while he 'had a BLAST shooting for @GQ' he was 'bummed' to not have made it onto the coverBonding with the family: Kirby appears to grip Kanye West's hand in this expertly-done Photoshop creation
Getting a grip: Kirby turns Kendall and Cara Delevingne's LOVE magazine cover from 'Kendall on Cara' to 'Kendall on Cara on Kirby'Sneaking in: 'What’s black and white and red all over?' asked Kirby on this snap. 'Our new @VogueChinaMagazine cover!''Catching rays with the baes': Sometimes Kirby keeps his distance from Kendall, Kylie and palsLiving the life: Kirby is seen joining his 'sister' and family friend Justin Bieber by the pool 'waiting 30 min after eating to swim'


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