Pamela Anderson Pose For Playboy's Last Nude Cover

Not at all embarrassing: Her sons are proud of their famous mother; Pamela has been picked for the final nude issue of the magazineĀ 'Mom, you've got to do it!' Pamela Anderson features in the last nude issue of Playboy... after son, 19, gave his blessing; she also revealed that one of her sons was conceived in the Playboy Mansion
She's definitely the right choice for this shoot!Pamela Anderson pose for Playboy’s January/February 2016 double issue which is their editorial's last nude shoot.This issue will mark Pamela 14th Playboy cover and 15th Playboy pictorial. The iconic playboy bunny revealed her sons,Brandon and Dylan encouraged her to do the shoot. She said;
 I said, "Hef just called, he wants me to do the last cover of Playboy," and he goes, "Mom you've got to do it,"'
Brandon said, '"We're older, we're not embarrassed anymore of you. You know, we think you're great."'
'He was so excited… He may have high-fived me... And then I asked [17-year-old] Dylan too, and Dylan's like, "Mom, you know you've done it all."
'I don't know what to say but, they were really excited for me, and I was excited too.'
Old pals: This issue will mark Andersonā€™s 14th Playboy cover and 15th Playboy pictorialWhen she informed them of the nudity, Brandon said, '"We're older, we're not embarrassed anymore of you. You know, we think you're great"'
I don’t think of myself as beautiful, but I know I have a deep, sensual drive,' she said. 'People respond to that more than physicality because your spirit never ages. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and I like being playful and having fun.'
'I’ve always been very imaginative, and I thought I would do something creative,' she told Franco.
'I just knew I had to get out of my small town. I never wanted to be in this industry; I didn’t know that option existed for me. It wasn’t something I pursued. But I guess I’ve done pretty well for myself just going with the flow.'
'I got a call from [Hugh Hefner's] attorney who said, "We don't want anybody else. There's nobody else, could you do the last cover of Playboy?"'
'I took off all my clothes, and I rolled down the hill as fast as I can,' she said. 'I was just screaming, and hair and boobs were flying, and shoes were going everywhere, and they and Ellen [Von Unwerth] shot it.'
Pamela Anderson pose for Playboy’s  January/February 2016 double issue which is the editorial's last nude shoot.


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