Nicki Minaj Defends Meek Mill's Drug Test

On thursday,Nicki Minaj took the stand on behalf of her boyfriend,Meek Mill insisting his urine sample for his drug test was not fake... Said the reason his urine sample looked like cold water is cos he drank protein shake,lol. TMZ reports;
According to legal docs, during a drug test Meek handed the lab tech a specimen that turned out to be cold water. Meek allegedly told the tech it looked that way because he had just consumed a lot of water, adding he was a bodybuilder and drank protein shakes that make his pee appear that way.
Nicki testified that Meek was telling the truth about his drug test, and said if she knew the protein shakes would make his urine appear like water, she would not have let him drink it.
And Nicki insisted to the judge, Meek doesn't do drugs and did not fake the test.
The judge was skeptical, saying she felt Meek was thumbing his nose at the court.


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