Amber Rose Channels Feminist Icons In a New Shoot For Paper Magazine

Amber Rose,34 channels a number of feminist icons;Gloria Steinem, Dorothy Pitman Hughes,Susan B Anthony, Pussy Riot and Marlene Dietrichfor paper magazine 'Fandemonium' issue, which also stars a handful of other famous faces. The sexy mother-of-one wrote on how it began;
“I would look on [Wiz’s] Instagram and he would have pictures of all these women all over him… and then I would post a picture of me and my son. And people would be like, ‘Does your son know that his mother’s a whore?'” she says. “People are like, ‘Wiz is out f***ing mad bad b***hes and you’re at home crying over him because he’s the best thing that f***ing ever happened to you and now you’re just a fat, bald-headed single mother and no one will ever love you.’ So yeah, I guess months of seeing s**t like that, I was just like, ‘I can’t live like this. There’s something wrong.'” 


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