Sharon Stone,57 Pose Nude For Harper’s Bazaar

Bare essentials: The 57-year-old actress did opt for accessories though, seen here in Jimmy Choo shoes and a Tiffany & Co. necklace and ringsNaked ambition: Sharon Stone poses nude for the September issue of U.S. Harper's Bazaar

Sharon Stone,the ultimate skinny b*t*ch posed nude for Harper Bazaar,September issue were she talked about looking youthful and preferring fillers to plastic surgery.

‘It’s so common now for people to use fillers, it’s almost like a beauty treatment.

‘It’s like you have mascara and a filler. And it’s a far better alternative than having your face cut apart and ending up looking like you got sucked into a wind tunnel.’

The spokes woman for the filler Restylane,started using them {fillers}after a stroke left her face damaged in 2001.
I personally call her the ultimate skinny b*t*ch! Look at her…still skinny and stunning at 57!Guys,you remember her from the movie ‘Basic Instinct? *sigh*

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