Etcetera Writes About Najia Babes At Concerts & Hails 2face (sarcastically)

Etcetera Writes About Najia Babes At Concerts & Hails 2face (sarcastically)

Lol,um,guys do that (4,5,8 and 9) too,Mr E! Read below…

I was watching entertainment news on TV with a couple of friends and it
got to a part where Tuface was on stage performing and a girl who
probably was as drunk as a skunk, dragged herself on the stage and
started hugging him and even took off her shirt . What is actually wrong
with Naija babes at concerts? How do you expect your boyfriend to feel
watching his girlfriend on national TV jumping around Tuface on stage
like a chimpanzee wearing just a bra and with boobs wobbling from side
to side?

Well, Tu-baba surely didn’t mind. He probably would have grabbed at those bouncy boobs if it wasn’t a concert. Twale Baba!!!

Here are some of the annoying things Naija babes do at concerts.
  1. Taking pictures the entire show: I get it. You want to show all your
    friends on Facebook and Twitter that you were at the concert. Fine.
    Take a photo. Take five if you want. But please, don’t take 1000! You
    always manage to hold your camera right in my line of sight. You don’t
    even look like you’re enjoying the show while you’re doing this. All
    your attention is on the pictures you are taking. And you know what?
    Those pictures are all going to look like nonsense, every single one of
    them. You’re too far away from the stage. You’ll probably never even
    look at them. Also, you see those guys right in front of the stage with
    the giant cameras? They’re taking great professional pictures. There’s
    really no need for yours.
  2. Checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every couple of minute
    Unless you’re a surgeon who’s expecting an emergency call or message,
    everything can wait. Live in the moment. Enjoy the show. You paid gate
    fee to be here. You can tweet your friends when you get home. Also, your
    fake China phone emits a very harsh and distracting light. For the love
    of God, turn the damn thing off!
  3. Incessantly talking to your friends: You might not like whatever
    song is playing. You may be bored with the show in general. You may have
    been dragged here by your boyfriend against your will. But you’ve been
    talking all through the entire show, and I can hear everything you are
    saying. It’s driving me crazy. Please shut the hell up! I can’t tell
    you how many shows I attend where the girls in front of me are yelling
    in each other’s ear the entire night. Not only is my sightline blocked
    when their cheap wigs or weave-on come together, but I can hear their
    gossip. Take your chit-chat to one of the food vendor’s shed and stay
    there till the show is over, or go spread a wrapper under that pawpaw
    tree and lie down and talk till morning. I don’t care. Just shut up so I
    can enjoy the show. 
  4.  Yelling out requests: ‘Yaaay, I want Styl-plus to play “Imagine
    That”’. Hey girls, imagine if you shut up and stop screaming in my ear;
    most of the time, the song list is pre-determined, and they can’t even
    hear you from up there. They’re going to play what they’re going to
    play. Just go along for the ride. Damn it! 5.
  5. Yelling out the names of the artiste on stage: This is another level
    of irritation. This has never been funny. Maybe it was cool in the 80s.
    Now, it’s just madness.
  6. Pushing your way to the front: If a concert is general admission,
    the people in front earned their spots. They got there early and laid
    claim to their space. The people all the way in front might have even
    spent all day waiting by the doors, so when the show begins and you
    shove your way to the front, you’re being a huge distraction. Don’t do
    that. If you show up late and there’s only room in the back, you’ve just
    have to deal with it.
  7. Getting so drunk you puke: Girls these days drink like sharks. You see them at Felaberation smoking igbo
    even more than TerryG. I feel sorry for those who have to clean up the
    venue after the concerts. I can imagine the types of vomit and stench
    they have to clean up.
  8. Loudly complaining after the show because the artiste didn’t play
    your favourite song: This is actually one of the crazy things we see
    after each concert. Babes, try to enjoy the show you’re getting as
    opposed to the one you wish you were seeing. Besides, haven’t you heard
    “Kukere” and “Shoki” enough?
  9. Filming the entire show on your mobile phone: This distracts people
    even worse than taking pictures, and usually results in an equally
    horrid product. The sad irony is that people tend to film their
    favourite songs, but the smiles on their faces are gone when all their
    concentration goes into capturing these moments on film. Next morning,
    Instagram will be cluttered with crappy cell phone videos of every song
    from the concert. Stop tagging me to these crappy videos. I was at the
    concert for Christ sake! You paid good money to see a show, and you’re
    joylessly watching it through a tiny screen on your mobile phone. It
    just doesn’t make any sense.

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